Roadmap to : CF6 CC6 in Jooomla 4 and php 8

gix.vax 16 Feb, 2022
Hi Max and hi all.

Is there a roadmap for migration of CF6 and CC6 to Joomla 4?
Php 7.4 life that end in 2022 push us to upgrade, there's no choice.

I think that an importer to CF7 could be the best solution but i don't know if it is possible with CC6, maybe, in future, with CF6 i think.
With all the features they have now, obviously.

A lot of us use CC6 and not CF6 for exaple so i think a porting of CC6 to joomla 4 (with modify enebled!) is a needing a lot of people have.

I think is not a problem if we have to buy license for CF7 too for every site we had implemented, cause, otherwise, the cost is rewrite forms made with CF6/CC6...this is not a nightmare to do, is just like Freddy Krueger knocking on our shoulder.

CF6 to Joomla 4 will be possible ?
CC6 to Joomla 4 will be possible?
We need them both and we are happy to pay if this become reality.

Thank you again for this great piece of software.
Colnem 17 Feb, 2022

CC6/CF6 don't work with Joomla 4. I don't think that the developer update this extensions soon!

You have to use CF7.

gix.vax 19 Feb, 2022
hi colnem

For me, and i think a lot of us, use CF7 is not a solution cause there isn't an importer from CF6/CC6 and installing joomla 4 mean upgrade to php8 (so CF6/CC6 crash).
I have a lot of CF6/CC6 application that is impossible to rewrite from scratch.
Impossible, really.
We need to continue developing with CF6/CC6, we can't use only a patch that made CF6/CC6 work in J4 and freeze forms application in a no change-state but, maybe, a tool that import to CF7 (for CC6 too!) or a solution to made CF6/CC6 work in J4.

If an importer or an upgrade for CF6/CC6 involves to rebuy all the license, for me, there's no problem, the cost of rewrite everithing is much more expensive.

Colnem 19 Feb, 2022

We are numerous to think like you. I add that CF7 is young and has some problems including PHP8.

CF6/CC6 have to be rewriting to works with J4+PHP8. I've tried: I could install CF6/CC6 with J4 after many fixes. But there had yet many bugs and I've abandoned.
And I don't think that the developer do that... May be one day, but when?

It's impossible to build an importer CF6/CC6 toward CC7 because these applications don't use the same engine. For example, CC7 does'nt exist because CF7 has a CC mode, but shortcodes are not the same (a few shortcodes with CF7) and J4 doesn't work like J3 (for example, no URL heritage in J4). It's not even possible to import CF7 Forms builder with J3 before the last version of CF7! It works, but SQL Where conditions disappear (fixed in the last version for export but no import).

For me, I rewrite my CF6/CC6 forms since 6 weeks! I've fixed some bugs, reported to the developer (who no longer answer me!). Look at the bugs section of this forum!

But this application is a really "swiss knife" and I insist... because I have some time!
Fredolino 26 Aug, 2022

The component is very confusing and incomprehensible for me.Unfortunately I can't work with it, even if it should work with Joomla 4 and PHP 8.I've put so much time and effort into CF/CC 6 projects over the last few years.
For me also the best version ever, clear and easy to understand, even for people with little programming knowledge.
There is still some time until support for Joomla 3 ends in August next year.In the meantime there might be a solution to make CF/CC 6 compatible.Anyway,
I'm not going to give up CF/CC 6 just like that. :-)
Colnem 27 Aug, 2022
I think that Max will not rewrite CF6/CC6 for J4/PHP8. It's a hard work and he is not in the state of being able to to do this. He doesn't fix CF7 bugs!
And J5 is announced for 2024!

So, the best for you is to study CF7 or change your extension forms. I don't think that CF7 is confusing... But they are some bugs...
mapme 19 Sep, 2022
Did anyone ever progress things or develop a compatible version of CF6 for PHP8 / Joomla 4? Most threads on this subject fizzle out.
Looking to buy or share in the development costs if anyone is keen on taking this on.
Max_admin 10 Dec, 2022
I have an almost complete CF v6 installer for J4 and PHP8, but this needs to be tested under different scenarios, please send me through the contact page to get the installer and test it with your forms on your J4 website.

@Colnem, could you please send me a link to the bugs you note in v7 ?

Best regards,
ChronoForms developer...
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wbuk 11 Dec, 2022
Please could I make a suggestion?

This may help to keep everyone happy and reduce stress loads.

Joomla 3 will be supported until August 2023, so, there is plenty of time for people to start moving complex forms to ChronoForms 7 and it gives time for a migration tool and the missing features to be created.

All everyone really needs is for ChronoForm6 to be made compatible with PHP 8. It does not need to work for Joomla 4 currently. I think many people would be happy if you just made it work with PHP 8. We have hundreds of plugins on our various Joomla sites and I have to be very honest, ChronoForms 6 is the ONLY extension that is not PHP 8 compatible.
wbuk 11 Dec, 2022
Sorry and Chrono Connectivity just needs to work with PHP 8.
Max_admin 11 Dec, 2022
actually many users asked for CF6 for Joomla4 because they want to update Joomla without having to rebuild forms, and if its J4 compatible then it should work on Joomla 3.10
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
wbuk 13 Dec, 2022
That is perfect, you obviously have that in hand, which will help us.
Can you tweak ChronoConnectivity6 to work with PHP8? We have about 30 things in there, to transfer is none starter, we need your help. I know you are bombarded with questions at the moment, but if you can look at this. I am not asking for it to be Joomla 4 compatible just enough changes to make it PHP8 compatible so we can upgrade the PHP8 correctly.
Max_admin 14 Dec, 2022
I'm planning is to get CF6 working without issues first then do Connectivity6, so maybe by the end of the year both should be J4 PHP8 ready
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
roman5527 18 Jan, 2023
Hi, some news about CF6 for Joomla 4 ?
Admiral 19 Jan, 2023
Also perhaps some news about CC6, will it be updated for Joomla! 4 ?

wbuk 19 Jan, 2023
Hi Admin
I wonder if you have any news on ChronoForms and Chrono Connectivity for Joomla 3 and 4 with PHP8. We are really struggling now.
Max_admin 29 Jan, 2023
I have a new update here:
Install on a test website, this is not for updating a live website as bugs may still exist.
if you find any bugs then please post a screenshot of the error log
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
wbuk 29 Jan, 2023

Just to clarify before I install:

Is that ChronoForm or Connectivity?

Is it for Joomla 3, 4 or both?
Fredolino 30 Jan, 2023

for ChronoForm 6 is ok or not for CC6. :-(

svherpen 30 Jan, 2023
When can we expect the updated version for Chrono Connectivity to work on PHP8 with Joomla 4?

gix.vax 17 Feb, 2023
hi Max
news on CC6 ?
Max_admin 18 Feb, 2023
We have a good working update, please send me a message using the contact page to get the link
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
SteveMc 13 Jul, 2023
Hi all,
is there any update on the CF6 PHP8 issue so far?
The link above no longer works.
Best regards
Max_admin 13 Jul, 2023
it's available in the Downloads section for CF6
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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