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ChronoForms works on both Joomla & WordPress, downloaded more than 1 million times.
Use ChronoForms to build Contact forms, Payment forms, MultiPage forms, Signature forms or any other kind of form.
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Responsive Forms

Your forms will display beautifully on all screen sizes.
Responsive forms
Advanced emails

Advanced Email control

You can send any number of emails in your form, with full control over each email's content, recipients, from name/address, reply name/address, attachments and encryption.

Advanced Database Operations

You can Read, Insert, Update or Delete data from your Joomla/WordPress database or even connect to a different database server.
Database operations
Events system

Advanced Events system

Run conditional actions based on the results of different events in your form.

PHP processing

Run PHP code in your form, with full access to form data, session data, user data or any action'ss data including data from the database or CURL requests.
PHP support
CURL post

CURL Support

Connect your form to REST web services using the CURL action, choose which data to be sent to the web service and choose the data keys under which the data values are sent.