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The new v6.0.28 update is out with the new changes listed below:

  1. Save data fixes.
  2. Events and Views are now pages.
  3. New form advanced settings to help setup forms quickly.

The new v6.0.27 update is out with the new changes listed below:

  1. Grid area updates.
  2. New Star rating widget.
  3. Form elements must be placed inside a "Form area" in new forms.
  4. Action - View pairing, events will display views with the same name after they have finished.
  5. Database actions settings updates.
  6. New Joomla Plugins action.
  7. New IF Conditions action.
  8. few bugs fixed.

The Chronoforms v6.0.26 update is ready for download, it includes the changes below:

  1. New "Container area" with "Reload" feature to reload multiple views at once.
  2. Switch/Switch events bug fix.
  3. New partitions area settings and fixes
  4. Important fix for the languages manager.

The Chronoforms v6.0.25 is ready for download, it includes the changes below:

  1. Improved form designer interface, events can now be closed.
  2. New Dropdown settings to allow option text searching and addition.
  3. Switch/Switch events bug fix.
  4. Extra settings applied for the Message and Segment areas.
  5. The "Display section/form" action has been removed and now the new "Form area" should be used instead, you can now have multiple forms inside one form page.
  6. New "Switcher area".

We are pleased to announce the release of Chronoforms 6.0.23

The new updates applies the following changes:

  1. Fixes the table reader issue for the forms manager data links!
  2. Fixes some issues in the blocks manager
  3. Designer layout enhancements.
  4. Some fields have received new events like "empty" or "not empty" or "match regex".
  5. Switch action values can now use regular expressions.
  6. Blocks can be directly created and edited in the blocks manager, and they can be "referenced" in the form using the new "Stored Block" view/action, so it's possible now to use the same block in multiple forms, any updates to the block will appear in all forms directly.

We are pleased to announce the release of Chronoforms 6.0.22 along with ChronoConnectivity 6.0.9

The new updates applies the following changes:

  1. Fixes the update and validation problem for Connectivity!
  2. The form designer has few new elements for lists display!
  3. Display section is now "Display Form", and it has a display event to manage the form contents.
  4. Display view action is added to help rendering views or sections easily.
  5. The "Read Data" action has a new alt primary key setting for "Has Many" related tables, you can now connect 2 tables on any 2 fields with the has many relationship.
  6. New "Save custom fields" action for Joomla to help save Joomla custom fields data for users, articles or any content.
  7. The "Modify data" action is changed to "Data builder", it can now write data to the Data/Var/Session arrays.
  8. The "Switch" and "Event switcher" action got some updates, now * can be used as a wildcard option.
  9. More demo forms included with how to build instructions.

Important core fix!

We are pleased to announce the release of Chronoforms v6.0.18, the new release has the following changes:

  1. Few minor fixes.
  2. Admin interface improvments.
  3. You can now use the {chronoforms6}form-alias{/chronoforms6​} shortcode anywhere, either inside an article or another extension, the shortcode will be replaced by the form, additionally the form will be unaffected by the Joomla cache and there is no ndeed to install the Chronoforms6 content plugin.
  4. New option added for elastic validation.


  • Many fixes and improvements.
  • Form designer and frontend performance has been enhanced.
  • New divider element in the form designer.
  • 6.0.11 has an important fix to the wysiwyg editor, its now disabled by default so that it does not ruin any saved PHP code.


  • Many fixes and improvements.
  • Form designer COPY feature, you can now clone existing elements in the wizard.
  • Form designer SAVE feature, you can save existing form elements for later usage, saved elements are considered blocks, they appear in the wizard under the "More" section, and can be used in all forms, you may also backup all blocks and restore them into a different website, in other words you can have your own library of customized form elements to save time when building new forms.


  • Fixes and improvements.
  • More responsive design.
  • Notification email designer.


  • Many small improvements and fixes.
  • Improved wizard experience, you can now drag new elements to exactly where you want them to land in the designer.
  • Chart element, feed the element with data to create nice looking bar charts.
  • Google Address field: auto completing address field which can supply the different address components to other form fields.
  • 2Checkout Payments gateway integration: accept payments on your form using the 2Checkout payment gateway.
  • HoneyPot security test, the simple and quick form spam protection.
  • Textarea auto expansion feature, when user types, the textarea auto expands instead of displaying scroll bars for better user experience.
  • New chart statistics feature in the stored data view, you can now view statistics per field when you view the table data.
  • New wizard events and area minimizing feature, minimize events and sections to save space.
  • Zapier service integration.
  • Multi element and multi value support in fields events, you can now target multiple elements in one field, and you can reference multiple values.
  • Easily load your form into a popup which can be triggered on different events, popups can be triggered using a click on a form element, on page load, after some time or after a specific scroll distance.


  • Many improvements and fixes.
  • New Signature pad widget.
  • New wysiwyg editor support for textarea.
  • New load state hidden/disabled for fields.
  • Email layout designer.
  • Uploaded files names can be dynamically changed.
  • curl support for Google reCaptcha.
  • New fields events: AJAX Reload and Function calls.
  • Dropdowns/Checkboxes/Radios will have their selected option label value included in the email using the auto setting.

We are pleased to announce the release of Chronoforms v6, The new version has more features and an easier to use interface, it also gives you more flexibility and control over the form layout and processing.

It's available for download for free in the downloads section.