I stand with Eva Kaili

Written Feb 18, 2023 16:28
Eva Kaili, 44, is a Greek MEP and a member of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement

I stand with Eva Kaili

This super nice woman was arrested on "corruption charges", they make you feel that she is the only corrupted person in this corrupted age, where injustice and double standards are everywhere, or that she is the only official to take a small gift, 600K!!, what's that compared to the billions stolen from poor nations every day?

Do you even know what the israelis are doing or are preparing for "everyone" at this moment ? while humilating a weak woman, Read "Protocols of the elders of zion"

According to the book, Israel should rule the world, and all nations look to it as the absolute model, but what does this mean ? it means the failure of everything else, all religions, cultures and any other source of pride.

But is not this what is happening now ? religions are being pushed away, strong social leaders are disappearing without a return, even good actors and good movies are not anymore, meanwhile the highest ranks are speaking about UFOs, although there are no UFOs, why ? because UFOs are not mentioned in any holybook, so the more people who believe in them, the more lost souls they get, amazing.

And if you did not notice, the middle east is in flames, this is intentional, I'm living in Egypt.

but why is the middle east so bad ? because they want everyone to see islam as a failure, and before that they made the church fail, and now they are attacking the origins of human values, so that the world is ready for the savior from the bloodline of David, although they do not respect David as msulims respect him.

And if you do not know about me, they have targeted me 10 years ago, till this day, with all kinds of fear and terror, and ruined the rich Egyptian society, because Egypt & Syria are supposed to be ruined early in their plan.

The people of Egypt, one of the few arab/muslim countries not yet runied by some war, are living in fear and economic misery, they do not know that their neighbors, are behind all the tragedy, and I have tried to ask everyone I could reach to help me without any help, even in first world countries like Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and UAE, they did not let me have any peace and deprived me of getting help, they move people and officials like "puppets", it's clear that they are controlling all the intelligence agencies around the world.

Prophet Mohammed said: "one of the greatest sins of previous nations, was that, if the strong stole, nobody does anything to him/her, but when the weak steals, he/she gets punished."

Is this a mix between religion and business ? well, religion is the rules of God and God is the source of everything, so nothing is wrong at all here.

If you are concerned and want to save yourself, then read about Islam, or read the bible then read about Islam, it will show you the light.

About the new ChronoEngine website and the latest ChronoForms 7 update

Written Nov 30, 2022 11:20

Hello Everyone,

We have updated the website to fix different issues we had with the old website including low performance.

After the update, we found that existing login passwords are not working, which was not expected, so please use the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password using your existing email address.

The update has also caused the ChronoForms validation to fail, so we rolled a dummy update for ChronoForms v7 in order to fix this issue, the update just makes the validation compatible with the new website and does not add any new features, another update is planned for the near future.

The forums area has been improved but is not yet 100% functional like the old one, so please give us sometime to fix this.

Please do not hesitate to send us any thoughts or comments.

ChronoForms7 is now Joomla 4 ready

Written Dec 3, 2021 19:28

The latest update is both Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.x ready, it should also work without issues on PHP 8.0

I apologize for the delay in this update, this delay has been forced on me by some dirty security organizations who claim to be protecting people, liberty and promote peace, mutual coexistence and save lives, while their job in reality is to coerce those who refuse to join them in doing the exact opposite of what they claim to be doing.

ChronoForms 7 Stable is out!

Written Sep 11, 2020 02:05

We are pleased to announce the stable release of ChronoForms v7, many fixes and changes have been added since the first beta release!

ChronoForms7 simplifies the form creation process, minimizes the configuration options, enhances the forms interface and performance, along with many new added features which we hope that you will enjoy!

ChronoForms v7 RC2 is ready for download!

Written Jun 22, 2020 05:20

The ChronoForms v7.RC2 is now available for download for both Joomla and WordPress

Some bugs have been fixed and new Features have been added like a new Menu view, new Progress Bar view, Watchman behavior for the form, Translations manager and a new Demo form

  • if you have any beta installed then you should take a forms backup, then uninstall, install the RC2 then restore your forms!
  • Some form settings may be lost when you update from beta to the RC, you will need to reconfigure them!
Download ChronoForms v7 RC2

ChronoForms v7 RC1 is ready!

Written Jun 17, 2020 03:16

The best ChronoForms ever is almost ready, the first release candidate is now available for download on the ChronoForms downloads page.

  • if you have any beta installed then you should take a forms backup, then uninstall, install the RC1 then restore your forms!
  • Some form settings may be lost when you update to RC1, you will need to reconfigure them!
Download ChronoForms v7 RC1

7 at last! Beta5 is now available!

Written Apr 23, 2020 10:58
We are thrilled to tell you that we have begun the Beta one public testing phase of the new ChronoForms7, you are invited to join by downloading the beta1 installer from the link below!
Make sure to UNINSTALL beta1 before installing beta5, if you have beta2, beta3 or beta4 then you may download a form backup and restore it on the new install, OR you may uninstall the ChronoG4 plugin only at the Extensions Manager then install the new package, but few changes have been made, any Data action should be reconfigured, global form settings and some fields events will be reset and need to be reconfigured, you may copy previous settings before the update then use them after updating.
Download ChronoForms 7 Beta5

Chronoforms v6.1.4 update

Written Jun 3, 2019 10:04

Chronoforms v6.1.4 is now available for download, it comes with the following changes:

  1. Improved form wizard admin interface.
  2. Actions/Views names can now be changed in the form wizard interface.
  3. New demo forms.
  4. Fixed bugs with redirect message and plugin shortcode call in front article editing.
  5. TCPDF remove header/footer settings.
  6. Stored blocks are referenced by block id to keep selection when forms are moved to a different site.

Chronoforms v6.1.1 update

Written May 6, 2019 12:17

Chronoforms v6.1.1 is now available for download, it comes with the following changes:

  1. PHP notice generated by some fields has been fixed.
  2. New Redirect time delay setting.
  3. Actions/Views designer label setting is now available for all views/actions in the wizard under a different button.
  4. The Data builder has been updated to v2.
  5. New Global AJAX setting.
  6. New Page template feature which can be used in the email action to provide a full page template preview.

Chronoforms v6.1.0 update

Written Apr 23, 2019 19:39

Chronoforms v6.1.0 is now available for download, it comes with the following changes:

  1. Upload action path fix.
  2. Message action system position fix.
  3. Read/Save/Delete data custom condition added.
  4. New Form Log Data feature.
  5. New Permissions settings.
  6. New Classic mode to 6.1 mode converter. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
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