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ChronoForms v8.0.12 is out


The ChronoForms 8.0.12 update is now ready for download with 2 major new features:

  1. TCPDF action is now available in v8, you can create PDF files in your form.
  2. Form fields have 2 new behaviors, Events Triggers and Events Listeners, any field can trigger events and other fields can listen to triggers and do actions.
  3. Email action can now attach static files from the server.
  4. Text Field can now be converted to other HTML input types like Date, Time, DateTime..etc using the "Input Type" behavior.
  5. We fixed a bug in Data logging reported by user ccoulton on the forums.

ChronoForms v8.0.10 & 8.0.11 are out

In the latest 2 releases we have fixed few issues and added some new features, here are the important ones: *Import & Export, you can now export your forms from one site to another. *Calendar field, let users choose dates or times or both and choose the date format easily, you may also set the allowed week days or working hours. *Dynamic Options, you can now load options for dropdowns/checkboxes/radios from the database. *Navigation Bar, show a nice navigation bar over your multi page forms to help users see the number of remaining/completed steps. *Group view, you can use the Group view to group multiple views or actions together and apply a single ACL rule for example. *Chronoforms 8 Joomla module, now you can show your forms in Joomla module positions.

ChronoForms v8.0.9 is out


In the latest 8.0.8, 8.0.9 we have added many new features and fixed few issues reported by users on the forums.

This is a list of the new features added:

  1. Multi file uploads support.
  2. New validation rules for fields along with custom validations.
  3. ACL control for forms, now you can choose the form viewlevel.
  4. Locales support, now you can translate your forms strings to multiple languages.

ChronoForms v8.0.6, 8.0.7 & ChronoForms8 content plugin are out


We have published 2 new updates to ChronoForms v8 along with a content plugin to allow users to display forms in Joomla articles using the {chronoforms8}form-alias{/chronoforms8} shortcode.

The new releases changes are:

  1. HTML, CSS and JavasCript views, you can include HTML, CSS or JavaScript code in your forms now.
  2. CURL action, you can connect to external services and APIs from your form.
  3. Joomla Login action, you can use the form data to login users to Joomla.

ChronoForms v8.0.5 is out


A new update for ChronoForms v8 is out today, with the following new features:

  1. File field, you can now upload files and attach them to your emails, you can choose the maximum file size, allowed extensions and how the file is named.
  2. Hidden field.
  3. Password field.
  4. Checkboxes group field.
  5. Radios group field.

ChronoForms v8.0.4 is out


We have just released the latest update for v8, with the following chages:

  1. Sortable forms manager, you can now sort your forms list.
  2. Sortable log records, you can now sort your log records by creation date, user id or IP address.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Dropdown Multiple setting.
  4. Fixed an issue with form alias to force no spaces.
  5. Added TinyMCE editor support for email content and message content.
  6. Added new Read Data action to read data from the database, the new action has flexible where statement code support unlike v7.

ChronoForms v8.0.3 is out


A new update is out today with the following new features/changes:

  1. PHP action to run PHP code in your form.
  2. Redirect action.
  3. Save Data action to save form data to any database table in your Joomla database.
  4. Save User action to save new or update existing Joomla users.
  5. Security question field to show a form field with something like 1 + 2 = ?
  6. Honeypot field to add a honeypot trap for spam bots.
  7. General enhancements to the admin interface.

Let us know your comments on the forums.

ChronoForms 8 is out


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the best Joomla forms builder, ChronoForms version 8.

The new version has been written from scratch to support Joomla 4 and PHP 8

ChronoForms v8 is much faster than v6 and v7, it uses less PHP code and pure vanilla JavaScript and CSS for best performance.

We have also improved the admin interface to make it much simpler to build forms.

for the 8.0.0 release we have the following features:

  1. Form Debugging to help you analyze the form data and processing.
  2. MutiPage forms support, your form can have as many pages as you need.
  3. Forms Views and Actions can now be mixed together for better form building capabilities.
  4. Multi Field per line support.
  5. Text, Textarea, Select and Checkbox fields are available.
  6. All fields have valdation and few other advanced features, more to come later.
  7. ReCaptcha is available and Honebot is securing all forms by default.
  8. Send emails and Display messages using the Message view.
  9. Let us know your requests on the forums. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by