Where can I find my validation key ?

Your key is available in your account, and will validate your Chronoforms if it's installed under "localhost" or an IP address or if you have registered the main domain under which your website is accessible in your account.

Can I try the unlocked version before purchasing ?

Yes, use the included 10 days free trial period, or install your Joomla/WordPress under "localhost" or any IP address and use your validation key to validate, without having to add your domain here in ChronoEngine


Elastic 30 Days


  • All limits in the free version removed.
  • No credits link on the product page.
  • No admin validation warning.
  • Supports all the Chrono Extensions.
  • Has a time limit of 30 days.
  • Validate up to 100 domains.
  • One time NON recurring payment.
  • Total number of days = Quantity * 30 days.
  • After expiry the installation will turn to "free version".
  • *15% discount for 7 months or more
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