ChronoForms v8

The latest and best performing ChronoForms, released in 2023, easier, faster, simpler and more elegant, supports Joomla 3, 4 & 5 and PHP8 , 8.1, 8.2, 8.3.

Chronoforms v8 Module

Last Updated Nov 12, 2023 08:08

This is a Joomla module for displaying forms made using Chronoforms v8, you need to enter the form alias and choose the module position to get it up and running.

You must have the Chronoforms 8 Extension installed

Chronoforms v8 Plugin

Last Updated Nov 12, 2023 08:08

Install and enable this Joomla content plugin to show ChronoForms 8 forms in your article using this shortcode:


You must have the Chronoforms 8 Extension installed

Chronoforms v8 Extension

Last Updated Apr 25, 2024 11:40

v8.0.20 ChangeLog

  1. Fixes and improvements
  2. You can now export the form data to CSV log in the Log view.
  3. Email action has a new GPG encryption feature.

v8.0.19 ChangeLog

  1. Fixes and improvements
  2. Several demo forms are now included to demonstrate different features.

v8.0.18 ChangeLog

  1. Google Sheets read/write actions
  2. Other fixes and improvements

v8.0.17 ChangeLog

  1. External Database support
  2. Can choose selected options in dropdown, checkboxes
  3. Other fixes and improvements

v8.0.16 ChangeLog

  1. Signature view
  2. Paginator view
  3. Improved Fields Triggers & Listeners
  4. Many other improvements

v8.0.15 ChangeLog

  1. WYSIWYG support for textarea field
  2. Added copy feature for forms manager
  3. New Table view for listing records from database tables
  4. Other improvements

v8.0.14 ChangeLog

  1. Few bugs have been fixed.

v8.0.13 ChangeLog

  1. Few bugs have been fixed.
  2. Calendar field interface updated.
  3. Container area have been added.
  4. Checkbox new color feature.
  5. Field Class behavior to set a class for fields in order to be able to style them or change width.
  6. Admin interface improvements.

v8.0.12 ChangeLog

  1. TCPDF action for creating PDF files.
  2. Loop action.
  3. Fields Events Triggers & Listeners.
  4. Text field Input type support for creating different HTML inputs.
  5. Fixed bug in data log.
  6. Admin interface improvements.
  7. Few small fixes.

v8.0.11 ChangeLog

  1. Import & Export v8 forms.
  2. Dynamic Options behavior for Dropdowns, Checkboxes and Radios.
  3. Navigation bar setting for multi page forms.
  4. Previous page button type for multi page forms.
  5. Admin interface improvements.
  6. Few small fixes.

v8.0.10 ChangeLog

  1. ACL control for all views and actions.
  2. Calendar field for choosing Dates/Times.
  3. Group view to group multiple elements together in the Wizard.
  4. Horizontal Layout for Radios/Checkboxes.
  5. Admin interface improvements.
  6. Some small fixes.

v8.0.9 ChangeLog

  1. ACL control for forms.
  2. Multi language support for forms.
  3. Few important fixes.

v8.0.8 ChangeLog

  1. Multi file uploads.
  2. Different validation rules.

v8.0.7 ChangeLog

  1. CSS view.
  2. JavaScript view.
  3. CURL action.
  4. Joomla Login action.
  5. Few fixes to the admin area.

v8.0.6 ChangeLog

  1. HTML view.
  2. AJAX form support.
  3. Content plugin support.

v8.0.5 ChangeLog

  1. File upload field.
  2. Password field.
  3. Hidden field.
  4. Checkboxes group field.
  5. Radio group field.
  6. Few enhancements and changes.

v8.0.4 ChangeLog

  1. Read Data action.
  2. Few enhancements and changes.

v8.0.3 ChangeLog

  1. Security Question field.
  2. HoneyPot field.
  3. PHP action.
  4. Redirect action.
  5. Save Data action.
  6. Save Joomla User action.
  7. Admin interface improvements.

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