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CF v6 for Joomla 4 can not upload files

shiluba 30 Jul, 2023
D-18 before reaching Joomla 3 end of life. CF v6 for J4 is still a development release, not updated since May 5. Aside from basic forms, CF v6 apps still can not run on Joomla 4.
Additionally to the unresolved bugs that I already mentioned about the AutoComplete feature and the Calendar, I'm sorry to report that the file upload does not work either.

Here is backup file that you can restore in CF v6. It's just the export of the Upload Files Demo that used to be included in CF v6.
With this form running on CF v6 for Joomla 4, when uploading a file, the debug info says that ...
  • [file1] [file2] remain empty
  • [submit_validate_fields] [var] => false
  • there is no [submit_upload]
In brief, the upload fields do not send any data or file.

Can someone help and get these features to work on Joomla 4 please ?
Max, getting answers from you would be greatly appreciated.
Max_admin 01 Aug, 2023
Hi Shiluba,

The focus now will be on getting v8 complete, after that there may be few fixes for v6, but I think that you should consider updating forms to v8 if you have updated your whole joomla site to J4.

You can keep the working forms as v6 and create necessary ones in v8
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
shiluba 01 Aug, 2023
Hi Max,
It's always good getting news from you and seeing that CF keeps on moving forward. I will watch the improvements of CF8. But I'm sorry to say that for now I can not use it for creating much. CF8 is far from being ready to take over the advanced apps that I developed with CF6. Today I think it is not even at the level of CF7 (e.g. Rblock's post, not to mention the Connectivity apps, Translation, ACL, etc.).
It's not really a matter of where to put the focus on long term speaking. Honestly, long live CF8! I hope that one day it will be even better than CF6. But we're not there yet and today in the Joomla world, the top priority is to migrate our remaining J3 websites to J4. Please understand that we the CF users who built big applications with CF6 - a peak in terms of functionality and usability -, we who could not migrate those apps to CF7 because of its bugs and limitations, today we still need to run our CF6 apps for some time while upgrading our websites to J4. In other words, we do need a fully functional & stable release of CF6 for J4 ASAP !

I'm sorry if I sound whimsical, or too direct, especially on this forum. I'd be happy to keep on exchanging with you about my tests of CF6 for J4 through emails again if you prefer.
Anyhow, good luck for what might be the last straight line of debugging of CF6 for J4.
Max_admin 02 Aug, 2023
Hi Shiluba,

I understand your concerns.

Please list here all the v6 features you are using, ordered by importance, and I will try to have them ready in v8 as soon as possible
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
shiluba 02 Aug, 2023
Dear Max,
I do not think that focusing on any CF8 feature can answer my concerns now : the urgent need to get my many CF6 apps to work on J4 so that their whole websites can still be updated after J3's end of life.
These apps use a wide range of features that are interdependent. So ordering them by importance would not make sense. I will need almost all these features to be available before I can start rebuilding my apps with CF8. Given its development stage, it can not happen fast enough. Plus, it will take me months to rebuild so many complete interdependent apps with a new development tool. So I do need CF6 for J4 as an intermediate step.

You proved already that you can make CF6 for J4 move forward quickly and efficiently. And based on my thorough tests there's only 3 bugs that still need to be fixed before CF6 for J4 can make my apps work well :

Once CF6 will be fully functional on J4, it will not bother me if you no longer improve it. Then I will be fine with rebuilding my apps with CF8 when it will be ready enough and sending you my CF8 test reports and my lists of missing CF8 features.
But today (D-15) is a different story. The time is counted before J3's end of life and I think that we should really focus on a stable release of CF6 for J4, not on CF8.
shiluba 14 Aug, 2023
Dear Max,
Today is D-3 before reaching Joomla 3's end of life and CFv6 for J4 is still a development release that's not been updated since May 5.
Is there still hope that we get a stable release soon in order to run our CFv6 apps on J4 ?
shiluba 17 Aug, 2023
Dear Max,
Today support has ended for Joomla 3. Currently the only release of CFv6 handling File upload, Interactive calendars and Autocomplete lists needs an outdated CMS.
Could you at least tell us what your intentions are regarding a stable release of CFv6 for J4 please ?
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