Time picker format and layout or LAternatives

gepponline 23 Jun, 2014
I'm new with chronoforms and I'm in "trouble" with timepicker.
I'm using V4.
The original time picker has two problems:
1) it returns seconds
2) Each field is not selctable so user must put the cursor in the box, erase old value and add the new one and he can't double click to select the whole value.

Is it possible to solve this two issues?

Else i read in the forum about a double dropdown (one for hour and one for minutes) but how to place one next to the other instead of one above the other?
Or i read for version 5 to use mask formato or something similar. Is it possible even for V4?

Thank you!
GreyHead 23 Jun, 2014
Hi Geppo,

1) change the format setting to just H:i instead of H:i:s

2) Sorry, but I don't understand your question :-(

gepponline 23 Jun, 2014
Thank for your attention🙂
1) where??where can i specify the format?
2) I click on the field to insert time, then a popup whindow with hour and minute appear.
I can click on the hour field and place the cursor on it but to insert the hour i need, i have to delete (with canc or backspace) and then type the correct one. I'd like that if i double click on the hour field it selects all field and i can only type the new one.
If i try to select both character of the hour field with the mouse, it moves the window instead of select text.

Wht about the double drop down solution?
GreyHead 23 Jun, 2014
Hi Geppo,

Please see this FAQ for setting a date (or time) format.

I'm afraid that I still have no idea what you are seeing when you talk about selecting the hour :-( Please post a link to the form so I can take a quick look.

You can do a drop-down easily enough, while you can put two (or more) ChronoForm inputs in the same row I'd probably use a Custom Element element for this and add the HTML by hand.

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