Can't change content of div with jquery

marklandry 05 Sep, 2013
I'm trying to change the content of a div based on text input. I've got the text input part working, ie, I can fire an alert box when the number in the text box isn't high enough, but I can't get the div I'm targeting to change.

Here's my code:

window.addEvent('domready', function() {
   $('part_1_age').addEvent('blur', addBlock);

function addBlock() {
   if($('part_1_age').value<18) {
        $('undereighteen').html('<h2>New info</h2>');  

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, this works outside of CF... Am I missing something?
GreyHead 05 Sep, 2013
Hi Mark,

This is MooTools (not jQuery) the syntax is in the MooTools docs. Please try
$('undereighteen').set('html', '<h2>New info</h2>');

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