Dynamic subject in v 4.0 chronoform

steverahks 20 May, 2013

I have been using the dynamic subject to make sure subject lines on submissions from a form are unique each time submitted. Many email programs are grouping messages with the same subject line together, making it difficult to organize messages when they come from different people - but the same form.

With the Joomla 3.0 compatible version of chrono form, the dynamic subject line is no longer there. I had been putting input_recordtime in the dynamic subject field to add the time to the subject line.

How can I accomplish this in version 4.0?
GreyHead 20 May, 2013
Hi tjhaas,

If you switch to the Normal (aka Advanced) Wizard then the Dynamic Subject is still there.

steverahks 20 May, 2013
If I click the "form wizard" link, it starts a new form. If I click the "Wizard Edit" link on the forms manager page, it goes straight to the Easy Form Wizard.

How do you switch to the normal wizard? I can't find a selection method anywhere . . . or do i have to dump the forms I have built and start over?
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