BLOB field

wakitowaki 29 Mar, 2011
hi to all...
first of all i want to say sorry for my bad english, i'm italian 😀

So, i have a problem.I have a DB whit a BLOB field wich contains an image.How can i use chronoconnectivity to show the content of this field?i want to visualize the image
GreyHead 29 Mar, 2011
Hi wakitowaki,

If you have a look here there was a thread a couple of months ago where Fredrik and Chris discussed the problems of getting an image into and out of the database. I'm not sure that Chris ever got it to work though :-(

enapets 03 Jan, 2012
someone has a solution to display an image stored in a blob field?
thank you in advance.
GreyHead 03 Jan, 2012
Hi enapets,

Not that I know of.

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