m-naut 01 Mar, 2011
I built a Chronoforms form that allows user input and records date and time of submission with the “recordtime” feature created by the form wizard. With Chronoconnectivity I’m connecting to the database and displaying the user entries on a web page which displays entry submission time down to the second. As I understand it, “recordtime” captures its information from the host server, which in this case is in a different time zone. I could use some extra horizontal room on the data display page and don’t really need to display the time, only date of submission. Since there are a lot of entries in the database now and switching input form date/time methods wouldn’t be too practical, is there a way to use formatting in the Chronoconnectivity query html to strip the time data away and leave only the submit date on the display?
GreyHead 01 Mar, 2011
Hi John,

You can get the value in the ChronoComments Body box with $MyRow->recordtime and use the PHP string and date methods to display whatever value you want.

You can't easily change the SELECT part of the query though.

m-naut 01 Mar, 2011
Thanks for the info.
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