the data saved in the table is blank

izon90 19 Feb, 2010
The fields are exist but the data is totally blank. Nothing saved into the database but I am sure that I have filled the data into the form. Does it support Chinese? Because some labels and text are Chinese. I have read the FAQ. And I have no such problem. What's wrong?
GreyHead 19 Feb, 2010
Hi izon90,

You can't use Chinese characters in the input names or column names but it should be OK in the data as far as I know.

Is the DB Connection enabled on the DB Connection tab?

izon90 22 Feb, 2010
Thanks for you reply. I only use Chinese in label and data. Yes. I have enabled DB Connection. It's like that every time I filled the form and a new row created in the database but the data are blank. No data saved in the table.
izon90 24 Feb, 2010
It's kind odd. I removed the redirect url and the data can be saved into the database now.
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