multiple form submits calculate one total

cjmicro 05 Dec, 2008
We have a list of classes and a form where people can register their kids.

We need it to pull kid info over (can do this) then they choose the kid, then choose the class, then say "register another kid". I can figure this part out.

But how would I get it to total the calculated amount from the class field (say first class is $50, then 2nd kid's class is $35for a total field of $85 when they say "done registering". Then that total would go to, and maybe ideally have a summary at the bottom of the page, or a summary page returned to tell t hem kid 1 registered for class A and kid 2 registered for class B, and here is your total, click OK to submit for payment?? (I'm open to ideas here!)

I would like to use just use virtuemart but their cb integration is not great for the extra fields, plus if you use extra fields it seems to want to use them for ALL products too.

I have DT register which is great too, but also does not integrate with CB like chronoforms. You guys have that one down!! 😀

Is something like this possible using CF? If so, can you just give me an idea how, i can get the programmer to work on it, but just want to have some kind of a starting place.

If anyone has such a form they could share that would be great!

GreyHead 06 Dec, 2008
Hi Cheryl,

I'm not clear enough of the application to give you a full answer.

Are these parents registering their children?

If so then you can show a list of children realted to this parent

Can they register a child for more than one class?

You could show an array of checkboxes for each child - or a multiple select . . .

The totalling sounds like a little JavaScript to sum up values of the checked entries

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