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CF8 - ChronoMyAdmin How to Setup Database per Fields from Chronoform

remline 16 Nov, 2023
Is there some documentation on setting up a new database, using ChronoMyAdmin where it explains how to create the structure from the Chronoform? I have tried to use the "Label" and the "Field Name" from the Chronoform as the name for the field when creating the database and I cannot get it to link up on the database from the form submission, it just shows blank data. Right now I am just pulling the data from the Chronoforms Log Data in the meantime until I can get this figured out.

I have tried to replicate the Chronoform Log Data database structure and I haven't been able to get that to work either. Thank you!
Max_admin 17 Nov, 2023
ChronoMyAdmin will let you create a new "Database table", so you just create a table and use that in the "Save data" action in Chronoforms.

myadmin can not use the forms data in chronoforms

so in the "database tables list" page in myadmin, click "create table" and use that to create your table, you may then use the table "structure" page to customize the table columns
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
remline 17 Nov, 2023
I tried what you said above. So I went to ChronoMyAdmin, selected "Create Table" typed in a "Table Name" and it won't let me save it unless I "Add Field" so I added an ID field and hit save. I then used the "Save Data" action on the Chronoform Submit page. Selected that new table on the drop down of the "Save Data" action and hit save. Submitted the form and got no data.

Do I need to add anything into the "Data Source" or "Behaviors" spot?

I then tried creating the exact same table as the "Log Data" one and wasn't able to get that to show any data.

Should it auto fill the data from my form into the table? When you look at the "Data Log" on Chronoforms it nicely shows the form data in columns for each field from the form.

Do I need to just go into PHPMyAdmin and create the table there instead of using ChronoMyAdmin?

Thanks for your help!
Max_admin 17 Nov, 2023
the data source should be {data:}

and the "Table fields" should be "id", according to the table you created
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
remline 01 Dec, 2023
I still haven't been able to get this to work. Not sure if there is a bug associated with CF8 or I am doing something wrong here.

Can you screenshot a picture of how you have the table setup vs the form fields so I can replicate on my end? I have drop downs and text fields as my form fields.

Once I figure this out I am going to create a step by step way for my refence and hopefully to help others if they have issues.

Thanks for your help!
remline 13 Dec, 2023
Figured it out below.

Go to Cpanel then to phpMyAdmin
Create new Table
Create as many rows as you need related to your form fields
First column Name: id Type: int(11) Collation: Leave blank Attributes: Leave blank Null: No Default: None Extra: AUTO_INCREMENT
Second column Name: created Type: datetime Collation: Leave blank Attributes: Leave blank Null: Yes Default: current_timestamp()
Each column after use the Field Name from your form as the Name in the table. Type: varchar(255) Collation: utf8_general_ci Null: No Default: None

Go to Chronoform 8 to the form and click on the tab "Submit" under the Designer of the form.
Add action "Save Data"
Table name: Select the table you just created from the dropdown
Data Source: {data:}
Behaviors: Table Fields (Type in each Field Name in your form and hit enter after each to add)

Hope this helps others!
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