only empty data records in the subtable

Fredolino 08 Jun, 2019

I want to edit and store stored data in a subtable from a main table.
For this I use a Save Data function (screen).
And a loop (Data provider: {data: Fund}, Loop body: {fn: save_beob}).

However, only empty data records are stored in the subtable.
Maybe the loop is not necessary.
But even then, only empty records are saved to me.

What could be the problem?

healyhatman 08 Jun, 2019
You might be better off making a CF form for editing your observations instead of trying to do it in CC, would be a lot easier.
Fredolino 10 Jun, 2019
Hi :-)
I've come a long way now. Only one more ID problem.

At the moment, however, I am still storing a new record with the changes in the database.
This is just because the ID of the record is not overwritten with the same ID.
But if I put this in Data Overrides in Save Data:
beof_id {data: beof_id} on insert & update
Then the error message appears: Duplicate entry '509' for key 'PRIMARY'

In the old version I was able to reset the ID with a PHP code (unset ($ this-> data ['beof_id']);). But not now.

Or can I load a hidden field in my CC form in the content?
{View: beob_id}

What can I do?

many Greetings
healyhatman 10 Jun, 2019
If you're updating, then set it to update, or use "update on duplicate key"
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