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Add records from repeater area later

Fredolino 01 Jun, 2019
I would like to subsequently add records from a repeater area to a stored record.

The data of the "main table" should not be changed. The repeater data comes from a "subtable" that is linked to the "main table".

The form for the subsequent entry of the repeater data from the "subtable" is a CF form and is loaded into a CC form.

The CF has a save data action for saving to the "main table". In the success is a loop event with the save data for the "subtable".

So far, everything is fine. The only problem is that the repeater records are not stored in the linked subtable.
Maybe it's the data overrides?

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Fredolino 02 Jun, 2019

Does that even work? A CF to CC load into a form, e.g. so: {chronoform: observations-add}.
And to add or change an existing record to an existing record?

I tried it many times now and it did not work.
I have tried settings in CF and CC. A new record is not saved with the CF in CC.

healyhatman 02 Jun, 2019
Yes it works. You might need to post some screenshots of your save data actions and whatnot
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