How to use SEARCH?

bkgraf 30 Apr, 2019
How to use the search?

Hello, I need to know how to use the SEARCH option correctly.

In the VIEW tab, I added the SEARCH element, but I do not know how its configuration is.

Could someone explain to me how it works?

bkgraf 30 Apr, 2019
I forgot to mention that I have relations in the tables with foreign keys.

Example: I want to look for the department (can you list it in a dorpdown?) To which a natural reserve belongs.

See that the RESERVANATURAL table has a foreign key from the MUNICIPIO table and that the MUNICIPIO table has a foreign key from the DEPARTMENTO table.

Max_admin 06 May, 2019
Under the "Read data" function there is an area for configuring the search settings.

Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
murilolule 31 Jul, 2019
Hello Admin!
Could you be a little more specific in using this "search" tool?

I am putting together a view where I need to read the fields of a table and return what was typed in the "search" field, but I don't understand how to do it with the orientation passed here and in the chronoconectivity manual there is nothing either.
Fredolino 31 Jul, 2019
check this:
and my inspiration from the link is this:

i have a search with Dropdown:
create Form area  name "search".
Data provider: {var:read_table}
Submit event: view
Form ID search
<div class="table_search">
<div class="table-row">
   <div class="table-cell">
   <div class="table-cell">
   <div class="table-cell">
the dropdownfield name, name, ID:  "field_search"
name: button_search
type submit
name, ID: keywords
name: remove_button
event: view
type: return an array...
Where condition:
field_name LIKE %{data:dropdownfieldname}%  Continue
fields to retrieve:
under Events view:

murilolule 31 Jul, 2019
Can you send me the backup from this form/view?
murilolule 31 Jul, 2019
I cannot identify the "search" element of chronoconectivity in this example.

I'd like to use "search" instead of "dropdown" and from it and the button included there, do the search in read_data.

Knowing this, how do I configure the read_data function?

How do I bring the parameters of the "serach" widget?

How do I pass data to the table that will be displayed in the view?

If possible, could you send me the backup file of this example please?
shahabpk 07 Aug, 2019
Hi Fredolino
I followed you step by step but stuck after "Click" step

name: remove_button
event: view etc ...

Can you elaborate or format the steps a little bit more ?
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