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Fredolino 21 Nov, 2018
I have in ChronoConnectivity -> Connections manager 2 connections.
A connection to a form works and a connection to another form does not work.
The error message is: "Error: 0 - Call to undefined function mysql_query ()"
In ChronoForms5, however, all forms are displayed to me.
I can not find the mistake. Maybe someone has a tip?
Can it be that ChronoConnectivity5 works only until PHP 5.6? Because with PHP 5.6 ChronoConnectivity5 works.
Here are my data:
Joomla 3.9.0
ChronoConnectivity Vers. 5.0.6
ChronoForms5 Vers. 5.0.17
PHP Vers. 7.0.32-nmm1 an higher

Vielen Dank.
saol89 21 Nov, 2018
I have the same problem too (i use php 7.2)
I hope in a solution🙂
healyhatman 21 Nov, 2018
The function was apparently removed in PHP 7. So you'll have to use the contact us form and ask for an update, or change the line of code yourself.
saol89 21 Nov, 2018
Thank you for your answer.Personally I know the php and I know the reason for this error, your generic answer is not helpful.
The request is for the admin, to understand if there is the possibility of having an update (manual or automatic).
GreyHead 22 Nov, 2018
Hi saol89,

Please check to see if your Site Admin is using the MySQL driver - if so, then switching to MySQLi might resolve this.

Fredolino 23 Nov, 2018
I just do not understand what I should do.
Who should I ask for an update?
Which code line in which file of the component ChronoConnectivity5 should I change? And what does the old and the new line of code look like?

Many thanks for your help.
healyhatman 23 Nov, 2018
Have you tried what Bob said to do?
GreyHead 23 Nov, 2018
Hi Fredolino,

Check Site Admin > Global Configuration > Server Settings > Database settings

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