No permission settings for CF6 & CC6

hennysmafter 17 Aug, 2017
Dear Max,

I just found out after setting up the ACL on the website you are already familiar with that there are no permission settings for ChronoForms 6 and ChronoConnectivity 6.

Like there are for CF5. Due to this everyone that is assigned (in our case) as Staff or in a more default Joomla installations as Administrator can now access everything as we can't do anything to stop it via ACL.

A staff member cannot click in the backend menu on CF6 or CC6 those are not visible but when the staff member types in the exact link connected to the component then he/she has full access.

This becomes even easier if you would use extensions like RSFinder. When you type in the search area Chrono you can see on the above mentioned site that it shows CF5, CF6, CC6

When you click CF5 you get permission denied.
CF6 & CC6 you get full access as long as you are allowed to login to the backend you can go crazy with those two :-)

So did we mess up with setting up, installing or is it a bug?

Thanks for helping and loving the extensions!!!
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