Invisible reCAPTCHA?

liamhanks 29 Mar, 2017
I don't know if this is the place to post this, but I just would like to request support for the new Google Invisible reCAPTCHA system - it would be a great addition to the anti-spam features of ChronoForms.

GreyHead 29 Mar, 2017
Hi usainteanne ,

I've looked at this a couple of times but haven't yet managed to understand the Google docs well enough to get it to work. A bit busy this week but will look again after the quarter end.

ltempest 02 Nov, 2018
Was a resolution to this ever found? I have setup new v2 invisible keys, and added them to my form but when I view the form it is still showing as I'm not a robot checkbox?


GreyHead 02 Nov, 2018
Hi Lee,

Not as far as I know :-(

Agencerom 04 Dec, 2018

My developper also faces bug using invisible recaptcha with Chronoform.
It would be great if you can add this in the native Chronoform tools like for recaptcha V2.
Perhaps you have more time now ?
As an Xmas Gift :-)
healyhatman 05 Dec, 2018
It's not a "bug", CF just doesn't support Invisible Recaptcha. Working on a custom plugin for it now but it's being difficult.
healyhatman 05 Dec, 2018
OK I got the plugin working. However since I'm not 100% confident that it's working I'm going to use you guys as guinea pigs and offer it on my store for FREE for 3 days.

All I ask is that you check it out and if it doesn't work, let me know.

If it DOES work, write a post about it at

This is using the Google reCaptcha Invisible v2
Agencerom 05 Dec, 2018
Well thanks !!
We will test it on our demo website today.
healyhatman 05 Dec, 2018
Remember you will need your demo website authorised in your Google API console
healyhatman 05 Dec, 2018
For the more technical folks, the <div> used by the reCaptcha plugin needs to have a data-size="invisible" attribute (easy part).

Then you need to intercept the form's submit action, check if the form is valid (because you don't want them having to solve a captcha a bunch of times if they haven't validated the form properly) and if it is, check if the captcha has been called. If not, execute it, and if the captcha is successful restart the form's submission action.

OR..... just use my plugin.
gabi 06 Mar, 2019
Hey all
Any news about Invisible ReCaptcha for Chronoforms?

I want to use it too, but not working yet it seem.
healyhatman 06 Mar, 2019
Yes, I sell a plugin for it as described above. Vanilla CF doesn't do V2 Invisible or V3
gabi 06 Mar, 2019
I assume that your plugin has nothing to do with the plugin already in Joomla ?

healyhatman 06 Mar, 2019
That's right. The Joomla reCaptcha is separate to CF's reCaptcha.
healyhatman 06 Mar, 2019
It's more money (because it's more complicated) but I also sell a V3 plugin, so your user never has to click anything or solve any puzzles at all
gabi 06 Mar, 2019
I installed this one
Google noCaptcha Invisible - Joomla Plugin
Also enabled it, but it seem not to work
Do I need to make any chances in my form? - form
healyhatman 06 Mar, 2019
Yes, under the designer tab there will be a Sky Spider Custom Views section on the left where all the elements are.

You can use the same Check reCaptcha action under Setup though.
gabi 07 Mar, 2019
Oh, now I got it.
Was looking for it at the "setup" tab

Only thing I need now it seem, is to activate invisible Recaptcha on Google.
instead of this:
reCAPTCHA type:v2 Checkbox

Thanks a lot for your help
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