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Fredolino 28 Dec, 2015
i have a Problem with connect CC 5 and CF 5.

My Data:

Front List -> Columns list:

Permissions set i of public.

The CF 5-input see Screens.

Thanx F.
GreyHead 28 Dec, 2015
Hi Fredolino,

I suspect that the problem is with the ModelIDs in the form input elements. Please drag a DeBugger into the beginning of the On Load event to see what data is being loaded.

Fredolino 28 Dec, 2015
Whether the "user_id" is related to the?
The entry form where all the data are entered, the setup also has the action "Joomla Registration".
The Edit form has only the ID from the list of CC Column 5:
GreyHead 28 Dec, 2015
Hi Fredolino,

Resume[titel] and Resume[id] shoud load correctly - I can't tell about the others.

Note that you can't legally use [] in element IDs and having those may cause problems with validation.

Fredolino 29 Dec, 2015
Hello there,

so, now I have the Connection found. :-)
But a problem still exists.
The form that I can be for subsequent entries created in CF 5 in the DB table and accessed via the Edit button in CC5, namely indicates the input box and the Submit (Save) button, but it is not the entered value registered in the DB table. Although I displayed after sending the value is no error message, but: "Saved Successfully".
So I can save with this action any further entries in the database?

GreyHead 30 Dec, 2015
Hi Fredolino,

Is this the same question as your other post about saving to the database?

Turning on the Debugger might help you see what is happening here.

Fredolino 30 Dec, 2015
Hi Bob,
I'm not sure where I should post further.
Maybe it's better here, because I'm doing the form on the Edit Action in CC 5?
Then the other post in CF _Forum could be deleted.

Below the screen of the debugg message.
Just to inform:
The connect-Action works, I can see the form created in the CF in CC and fill with data.
It is not an error message.
In drawing up the form in CF I followed the article in the FAQ "Connectivity Edit with ChronoForms".
There appear to me that already exist in the database entries (eg titles). I can also change and save the title.
But I have in the form further input fields for this table. The table has been for all the fields that are empty. These blanks are now saved with the new data.

So my steps were:
1. A CF form (without Connect to CC) stores data in a database table. This table has empty fields.

2. A second form has connect to CC and should only append more data to the same table. The data are in the blanks. I'll be in the CC on the __EDIT__ Button to the form.

3. Everything is together displayed on CC in front List "View".

Determines easily, but I do not understand it.
GreyHead 31 Dec, 2015
Hi Fredolino,

I'm sorry but I am lost - I cannot work out what you need to do.

You should be able to save data to an existing record provided that the primary key value of the record (usually id or cf_id) is included in the data to be saved.

Fredolino 31 Dec, 2015
Hi Bob

Meanwhile, I've been thinking to solve the problem this way:

I have read this post in the FAQ:

If I have understood correctly, then I have:

1. Copy the CF form and changed the form name

In "Designer" I have a
"Hidden field" with
Field Name: ID
Field ID: firma_id

In CC V5
I have in "Columns list":
Firma.firma: Company
Firma.created: Input
_EDIT_: Edit
_DELETE_: Delete

The database table has a key field "id".

2. Then I went the steps as described in the FAQ (?).
3. In CC I have the form in "Front List" under "edit" loaded

I can load the Edit form and change the records. But apparently he does not find the right Datensatz.Es must still enter or DB Read or DB Save "screens") is a problem with the "ID"?
Or the costum code is a Problem?
I hav
return array("epg0c_js_job_resume1" => $form->data("request_param_name"));

and this
in the next cosume code:
$user =& JFactory::getUser();
$form->data['user_id'] = $user->id;
Fredolino 31 Dec, 2015
Hi Bob,

I've been using the Edit the problem and save the records themselves resolved. :-)

Now've 2 problems I have to solve in this context (CF5 / CC5):

1. There is no longer displayed the picture after saving a new record, and after editing.
2. It will be stored at me after saving a new record, and after editing any entries more in the Joomla-Registration.

When I has not been run, the storage form on CC5 because it worked.

Perhaps it's the fact that I use in the Edit form in the "Setup" no "Upload Files" and "Joomla-Registration"?
In the previous storage form I had in there and it worked.

Or does it have something to do with the parameters of the pages linking?
That would explain why the public in Joomla frontend form working properly.
All data are available and can then even after editing without problems be stored.
Then it can only be connected to the "costume Code" (below on load) in "Setup":

     <? php
return array ("epg0c_js_job_resume1" => $ form-> data ("request_param_name"));

I have determined here Incorrect terms used for array (?), Data (?), Request_param_name (?)

GreyHead 01 Jan, 2016
Hi Fredolino,

I have determined here Incorrect terms used for array (?), Data (?), Request_param_name (?)
return array ("epg0c_js_job_resume1" => $ form-> data ("request_param_name"));

Yes I think these are wrong - I have no idea where either value comes from or what it is intended to do.


PS Your posts are very difficult to understand at all - I think a lot is getting lost in translation :-(
Fredolino 03 Jan, 2016
Hello Bob,

Thank you for your patience and effort.
I'm very sorry, my English is really really bad! That's why I always have to "Google" ask to translate the texts. And I have to be careful that the correct code / terms are not translated.

Meanwhile, everything is almost done.
There are now just the problem with the "multiple selection" the files where I should create a second table, where the files are stored and later as "Links" in the form (view) can be displayed in CC. 5
The other problem I have with checkboxes. But that is another issue and a different contribution.

Best regards
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