Bypass a db Save action

chriso0258 31 Jul, 2015

On my form I have a textarea box where a user can add comments. In my on Submit event I have a db Save action to save the comments to a table I've set up to store them. The table includes a foreign key to another table as well as the date the form was submitted. A user may not always write a note when completing the form but because of the db Save action, a new record gets created in the comments table when the form is submitted. Is there a way I can bypass the db Save action if the is nothing written in the note box of the form?

Thanks for your insights.
GreyHead 01 Aug, 2015
Hi chriso0258,

Use an Event switcher action; change the event list to say save_comment, save the action. Add PHP like this
if ( !empty($form->data['comment']) ) {
  return 'save_comment';
Add your second DB Save action to the new save_comment event in the Event Switcher.

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