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shieldfire 08 Jul, 2015
I see you can create an article from a form which is awesome!
Further to my player registration efforts it would be even more awesome if you could append text to an existing article.

Club admin A register players John, Paul and Ying to a tournament. Using the register form an article is created under the category registered players and players and check if they are registered by looking for their club in "registered players section".
Louise notices that she isn't registed.
Club admin B then registers Louise using the register form.

Now: We will end up with two articles from the same club

Suggested improvement: Adding an option to append to article if available the second registration would be appended to the first article.

Desired outcome: The example article would contain John, Paul, Ying and Louise.
shieldfire 08 Jul, 2015
Also, it would be awesome if you could concatenate several fields into each article section.
GreyHead 08 Jul, 2015
Hi shieldfire,

You can do all of this using Custom Code provided that you have a way to identify the article that you need to edit.

shieldfire 08 Jul, 2015
Oh, wasn't aware of that.
Unfortunately it was ages ago I did anything in PHP and even back then it was more a trial and error kind of thing ...
Well, if you ever have the time - and other would like the same ...
(or I might give it a fumble... whichever happens first).
GreyHead 08 Jul, 2015
Hi Shieldfire,

There's an example in this post (may need updating a little for Joomla! 3 + CFv5). This is building a new article - in your case you'd need to identify the article ID then read the data using a DB Read action before editing and re-saving.

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