CC & CF Display data from 2 tables

angelmorales 18 Jun, 2015
Hello im using chronoforms that read data from 2 tables and it works fine (Image "before"), then i link CC with CF , when i do a search it shows the CF , but it shows data from table 1 but it doesnt show the fields related to table 2 (Image "after")
I try to configure Multitable settings but im afraid that im doing wrong, please help me!
angelmorales 18 Jun, 2015
I try to configure multitable but i cant meke it work

Thanks for your help
angelmorales 01 Jul, 2015
i guess no-one its going to help me😟
angelmorales 07 Jul, 2015
Do I have to explain again my issue????, maybe you dont understand me
Please any help or response!!!

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