Re-ordering event display

johnoathome 16 Jun, 2015

I'm building some complex forms with lots of events. I'm finding that as the logic is developed, the sequence of events under setup is changing but there doesn't seem to be a way or reordering the display of events through the GUI.

While it doesn't affect the operation of the form, it would make it a lot easier to follow if I could re-order events in line with the form logic. Is there a way to do this?

GreyHead 16 Jun, 2015
Hi John,

Nothing that I know of, it might be possible by editing the data saved in the database but I haven't tried that with CFv5 as the record is now encoded (to save space I guess).

johnoathome 16 Jun, 2015
OK thanks Bob. I had a look at the tables. The extras field looks like where details of the form are stored but its not human readable. Looks like I'll just have to plan better.

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