Get real field names

AloneAngel 14 Jun, 2015

I'm trying to output submitted form details on the page and it works fine but the only problem that I can't find verbose name of the fields. I'm reading information directly from DB and that 's why I'm having fields like: "contacts-email" instead of "Email".
Do you know how can I get verbose field names?

Kind regards,
GreyHead 14 Jun, 2015
Hi Dmytro,

You can use - for example:
<p>Email: {contacts_email}</p>
in a Display message action or an Email template.

AloneAngel 14 Jun, 2015
Hello, Bob,

Thank you for your response.
But the problem for me is not display inside form itself.
So, what happens for me:
1. I show form to user and he fills in all required information and submits form
2. On absolutely other page I got module that displays this information in a specific order (without using Chronoforms) - I just do a request to chronoforms table to get data and trying to display it.
So, I don't have access to CFv5 tags...

Kind regards,
GreyHead 15 Jun, 2015
Hi Dymtro,

So this isn't a ChronoForms question . . .

In that case it it up to you how you add the column names to your listing. If it is HTML then you can just add fixed headers.

If you use ChronoConnectivity then you can specify a column title.

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