Error reporting on multiple pages

deef73 11 Jun, 2015
I think error reporting on multiple pages is not so good with the popup thing...

How can I make this better on my site ?

Now I have to close a few tekst baloons, probably it was better that it was next or under the field instead of a popup. What do you suggest as a better error reporting?

Second question:
Probably it's a good idea to work not on tabs, becausse when there is a field with a error on a other tab, there will be problems when a user is on for example the last tab ?

Is it a better idea to work with for example 3 questions, and when they answer the three questions a send button... and give three new questions?

Or is there a better solution? Maybe working with the registration component of joomla?

I'm searching of the best and most productive road to work with my users.


deef73 11 Jun, 2015
added screenshot
deef73 11 Jun, 2015
direct url to the form:
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