Private Message Recipients No Options

dilie 07 Jun, 2015

In Private Message Compose view, the recipients do not show. When looking at the source the
tag is there but with a styling of
display: none
, but there are no
s inside. Using the web inspector I also get the error message from the attached picture. I don't know if that is the cause.
oen 11 Jun, 2015

I'm also having the same issue. The "display:none" style is an inline style, and there are no <options> in the html code.

I'm using the latest build (March).

GreyHead 11 Jun, 2015

The JavaScript error is almost certainly the cause of the problem - oen: do you see an error too?

I just checked and the selector is working OK here so I guess that there is a conflict with something else on your site?


PS I know nothing about how ChronoForums works internally.
oen 11 Jun, 2015
Hi, yes I get: Uncaught TypeError: completer.options.each is not a function

oen 24 Jun, 2015
Hi All,

Any ideas? I#ve got a site waiting to migrate onto chronoforums at the moment.

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