Dropdown shows only 0 and 1

hanszuidinga 11 May, 2015
A very good day to you all,

There's that dropdown that doesn't do what I expected.

In the designer I dragged a dropdown to the canvas.

Field Name and field id speaks for itself.

In the options field I have this options 0=No and 1=Yes.

Ate the events tab I have:

On = 1 (Value selected) Set options (action) FieldName (Element ID/fn()/Event) option1=Option 1and option2=Option 2.

When I test the form on the front end, the pulldown shows 0.
After I selected 1 the actual options show.

What did I not do right?

Thanks in advance.
GreyHead 11 May, 2015
Hi hanszuidinga,

It's a bit hard to tell from the information here but I think it is doing exactly what you set up: if 1 is selected in dropdown 1 show these two options in dropdown 2.

What else do you want?


PS I recommend that you don't use 0 and 1 as drop-down values. '0' in particular can be mistake for other things. Better to use one=option1, two=option2 . . .
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