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nzrunner 06 May, 2015
This is my first post here, so excuse me if I have missed an obvious answer elsewhere in the forum.

I have a list created with ChronoConnectivity and have an Edit link associated with each record that connects to a ChronoForm. Everything works nicely and the form can be updated perfectly.

I have added a Checkbox at the bottom of the Edit form called "Resend Confirmation Email". What I want is for the confirmation email that is sent when the original form is submitted to be resent if this is checked.

The one thing I can't figure out is how to get the data from the Edit form into the email.

In the original form, my Email action simply uses {field_name} and the appropriate data is placed in the email. However this does not work with data in the Edit form.

Can anyone advise what the syntax is to include data from the Edit form in an email?
GreyHead 06 May, 2015
Hi nzrunner,

I've never tried this so excuse one more question - is the problem that the email is not sent? Or that it is sent but with no data included?

If it's the latter I think that the problem is that the CC Edit adds a Model Id to the data so there is a prefix of some kind that needs to be added. If you add a Debugger action temporarily you may be able to see the data structure. (I say 'may' as I'm not sure that it will be displayed in this case.)

nzrunner 06 May, 2015
it is the later ... the fields are all blank. In addition, as I do not know what the field syntax is, I cannot use a Dynamic email address, as it simply says "You require at least one email recipient". The email gets sent fine if I test it with a static recipient email address, but it just has blank fields.

I tried adding a debug action but it seemed to come up empty.
Max_admin 06 May, 2015
Do your fields names have the Model id ? they should be in this format to be able to use them in a CC edit form:

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
nzrunner 06 May, 2015

Again, the Edit form works perfectly. I do have the model ID linked as you described, and I can edit the form perfectly.

The issues is only with the Email action and using those fields in the email action.

Kind regards

GreyHead 07 May, 2015
Hi Mark,

Do you have {Model.field_name} - or the equivalent - in the email template?

nzrunner 07 May, 2015

Thank you! That was the syntax I had been looking for. I had tried {model}{field_id} and various other combinations, but had not tried including the model inside the { }.

Working perfectly now :-)

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