Create entry from user list to instructor mapping

webcrea 29 Apr, 2015

it's only admin who determines if an user is an instructor of an honor. I have 3 tables (users, honor, instructor_map)

I would want select an user from the "user list admin view" and click on a button and go to the instructor_map add view which contains only a select and save button. the select should be the list of all honors. After save, just a control if we don't have already the mapping and create it if no.

I don't know if it's better to create a chronoform or if we can do that in admin view of CC ?

thanks at all
webcrea 11 May, 2015
I created honors-edit in chronoform to manage existing honor.
Now I would want to create new honor from the users list. (Select an user form a list and click on a bouton or link to go to a form and determine honor and the note.)
Is it better to create a new chronoform named honors-add for example or can I do that in my first chronoform honors-edit ?

thanks for all
GreyHead 11 May, 2015
Hi Chris,

Either will work OK - just make sure that if you use a shared from you disable inputs that you don't want to be editable.

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