wierd behavior

admin_wiky 22 Apr, 2015

When I use a NEW button, fill in the form and I click on submit then it return to CC listing, but I see header of joomla page twice.
It never happened before.
any idea why this is happening?

GreyHead 22 Apr, 2015
Hi Homeopat,

I haven't seen that before :-( Is there any clue in the page URLs? Are you using iFrames anywhere here? Or is the listing in a module?

admin_wiky 22 Apr, 2015
Hi Bob,

I am combinating CCv5 listing with CFv5 form ....
I have several solutions, but now for the first time it showed. I do not understand.
admin_wiky 28 Apr, 2015
I figure out it. I had Yes in AJAX submit of HTML render form.
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