Joomla Registration and email action

edouardlemen 20 Apr, 2015
Hi, I have an issue and I don't know if it is possible to solve it.

In a registration form made with Chronoforms V5, I would like to get the joomla user id newly created through Joomla Registration action and send the this id in the email action of the same form.
I manage to do it quite easily with the id contained in the chronoforms' table that was created for this form but I can't figure out how to do get the just created id in the Joomla registration table and send it in the Chronoforms email action.

Thank you for your help.

GreyHead 21 Apr, 2015
Hi Edouard,

Please add a Debugger action to the form On Submit event and check the output. I think that the Joomla! Registration action adds the new user Id to $form->data['_PLUGINS_']['joomla_registration']['id'] so that you can use it in later actions.

edouardlemen 21 Apr, 2015
Thank you GreyHead,
You are right about the path but how can I push this data to my email (in the <table></table> part) action coming right after the success of the Joomla registration?

Thank you.
GreyHead 21 Apr, 2015
Hi Edouard,

Please try putting {} in the email template.

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