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olik 20 Apr, 2015

I have a form, that enables to edit and update an existing record for a user, this works fine for the first user, but if an other user fills the form for the first time there is no new record saved in the table and the browser redirects to the homepage.

How can i fix this issue? Do I have to edit the update conditions and if yes how? And it's not really clear what the PHP codes returns with the Update conditions?

I only want to save a new record if the user fills the form for the first time, otherwise it should just update the record.

Please help


GreyHead 21 Apr, 2015
Hi olik,

Hard to say from the information here.

How do you check if a user has completed the form before?

Please drag a Debugger action into the On Submit event, then submit the form and post the debug results here.

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