After Upgrade from 2.5.x to 3.4.1: Form doesnt work anymore

galbur 17 Apr, 2015

I had to Update a Site from the 2.5.x Joomla! Version to the current 3.4.1 Version.
I installed the Chronoform 4 Version for the 3.xx Joomla! Version and restored my forms from a Backup.

I have a form with Joomla Registration and some Forms to subscribe to an acymailing list (via CFv4 cURL [GH] action).
But it doesn't work anymore. Neither the joomla! Regsitration nor the Subscription to the Acymailing List.

Are there ome issues with this Comibination? Does the "CFv4 cURL [GH] action" work with joomla!-3.4.1?

Thank you very much
GreyHead 17 Apr, 2015
Hi Christoph,

Please set your site Error Reporting to Maximum temporarily and see if you then see any errors when you test the form. That may help pin down where the problems are. There have been some odd code changes in Joomla! 3.4 and it may well be that some updates are required to the action.

galbur 20 Apr, 2015
Hi Bob

Thank you so much for helping!
Yes. I did the Error Reporting to Maximum. There are a lot of messages ;-)
Anyway it seems to work now. Ther is only one thing:

I had a form with Joomla Registration.
On the Registration E-Mail i got a link with two times http:

This is different then before. (Without changing anything)

All the best

galbur 20 Apr, 2015
Ok, it htink it's solved

I had to delete an entry "/aministrator/" in the Template of the [GH] e-mail-action.

From time to time i have this "/aministrator/" in the code. No idea from where it comes.

But thank you anyway.
Best regards
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