Datepicker Calendar to be displayed inline

ataylor14 08 Apr, 2015
Greetings. I habe three questions.

Is it possible to display the calendar inline on the page (and not when one clicks on the datepicker?

Can you give me an example of a multifield in which I can set the elements to appear in a table like fashion on columns so that they are nicely aligned.

And a third question, how can I get some training in chronoforms. Do you do training sessions online?

Many thanks for your help.
GreyHead 09 Apr, 2015
Hi Ameia,

1. Not as far as I know, though there is probably a jQuery plug-in somewhere that would let you do that.

2. The MultiField element lets you add several elements in the same row. Using a Columns container will let you add several columns of inputs into your form (not recommended as he usability is not so good). Using the Multiplier elements will let you repeat the same element (or group of elements). I'm not clear which of these you are asking about.

3. Not at the moment - there just isn't enough time. I can give some custom support through Skype of Google chat if that helps. PM me if that would help.

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