Update DB, New element added not updating

StuckInForms 07 Apr, 2015
This is similar to other posts regarding V5 issues updating a DB table element when a new element was added after the initial form was constructed. By way of answering some questions posed in the other posts:
1. The form was working and updating prior to added the new element.
2. The new element was added to the table via phpMyadmin as a varchar 255 element and will contain the file name of an uploaded image.
3. The element name used in the table was then used to add the file upload element to the form.
4. I cleared the cache in Chronoforms control panel and also turned on the site debug option (no errors were shown). However, on the form the form shows 0 Issues and 1 Notice (I can not find any information on the notice so I do not know what it says.)

The array read from the db shows the new field (ez_user_photo) that was added.
[user_id] => 848
    [id] => 1
    [uniq_id] => 51bedd1139730e273c0b1ea6782f163086ec0f41
    [created] => 2015-04-06 12:36:00
    [modified] => 2015-04-07 09:04:45
    [ez_firstname] => Cxxx
    [ez_lastname] => Dx
    [ez_email] =>
    [ez_fullname] => Chris Dexxx
    [ez_user_photo] => 
    [ez_company_name] => Dxxxxx

The DB read shows the variable (ez_user_photo) was read in:
    [16] => Array
            [DB Read] => Array
                    [Queries] => Array
                            [0] => SELECT `Data`.`id` AS ``, `Data`.`uniq_id` AS `Data.uniq_id`, `Data`.`user_id` AS `Data.user_id`, `Data`.`created` AS `Data.created`, `Data`.`modified` AS `Data.modified`, `Data`.`ez_firstname` AS `Data.ez_firstname`, `Data`.`ez_lastname` AS `Data.ez_lastname`, `Data`.`ez_email` AS `Data.ez_email`, `Data`.`ez_fullname` AS `Data.ez_fullname`, `Data`.`ez_user_photo` AS `Data.ez_user_photo`, `Data`.`ez_company_name` AS `Data.ez_company_name`,    etc.

The array on Submit does not show the variable (ez_user_photo)
    [chronoform] => ez_user_custmn_data
    [event] => submit
    [ez_firstname] => Chris
    [ez_lastname] => Dekle
    [ez_email] =>
    [ez_fullname] => Chris Dekle
***** this is where the variable should be showing ****
    [ez_company_name] => DHTS INC

The DB Update query shows:

Debug Info on UPDATE
    [12] => Array
            [DB Save] => Array
                    [Queries] => Array
                            [0] => UPDATE `8v7_eznl_customer_info` AS `ezdata1` SET `ez_firstname` = 'Chris', `ez_lastname` = 'Dxxx', `ez_email` = '', `ez_fullname` = 'Chris Dxxx', `ez_company_name` = 'Dxxxxx',
For some reason, the ez_user_photo variable (would appear after the ez_fullname field) is not being included in the update record processing. I'm sure it's something I'm missing but can't seem to figure it out.

Your help in untangling this one would be most appreciated.
GreyHead 08 Apr, 2015
Hi Chris,

The problem that I think you have is that an input element of type 'file' doesn't take a value in the same way as other elements. For it to 'work' it would need to be the path to the copy of the file on the user's computer and you don't have that info. So, unless the user re-adds a file the input will return an empty value and typically, this will then over-write any existing value that you had saved.

Please see this FAQ

StuckInForms 08 Apr, 2015
Hi Bob,
I think I lack some setup in the file upload for v5 and configuration since I see the file not being saved at all.

I've fooled with the setup and looked at the v4 information and what YouTube videos there are but no luck.

Is there a full explanation of how to set up the file upload element and it's associated setup in the processing stack?
I'm missing something that is causing my problem but just can't find a full explanation of what is in each field and how it works together to update a database as well as the file directory.

This is such a nifty program that i see a lot of use for it but the documentation makes it hard for me to figure out parts of it which makes me a support pain.

Any suggestions on where to get a full description of what is used where, why and how?
StuckInForms 08 Apr, 2015
Ah, finally, success. Proving even a blind hog can find an acorn if he roots around randomly long enough...

I found what I needed for the image action thanks to a YouTube video. It was simpler than I was trying to make it...

Am hoping for the V5 documentation to come out one day soon... the info seems to be available but you have to search about to find it. Entrepreneurs, here's your chance to make some money documenting this neat product! Amazing what it seems able to do once you figure it out.

Until the next head scratcher I have...
My thanks to Bob for all his help with my learning curve.
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