CC5 adding and processing custom form elemenst

bmarkus 03 Apr, 2015

I added a checkbox to body rows to select records and few other form elements including a 'GO' button to start processing. Now I want to manipulate selected database records. What is the best practice to do that in the CC5/CF5 environment?

Is it possible to pass data to a form and do database operations in PHP with the form?

Thanks... Béla
GreyHead 04 Apr, 2015
Hi Béla,

You can use an Edit link, or a custom Action (see the action tab) to link to a form event and process data there.

bmarkus 07 Apr, 2015
How can I access value of controls, e.g. chechkboxes in the action code or the invoked form?
bmarkus 14 Apr, 2015
Solved with Jquery code calling a CF5 form with AJAX to perform database operation. Works fine.
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