Impossibile to edit item from connection list

bubila 06 Mar, 2015
Hi there, i'm trying to get this edit button to work but it seems it refuses firmly. I have two connections, basically they are the same the only difference is that one is for the site administrator and shows all records in the DB the other one is specific for the user and only shows user's own items. The first list uses a CF form for editing and it works perfectly, the second one uses another CF form specific for the user but it's not working, the strange thing is that the error I get is "There is no connection with this name.." but I actually see the connection and it works great, it's the editing form that won't show. I've also try to use the same connection available for the administrator but nothing, every time I try to edit an item it that specific page I get the "no connection" error. Any clues?
I'm stuck on this and it seems I'm not able to solve it. Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks a lot
bubila 09 Mar, 2015
Ok after meditating a lot... I finally found the solution to this. Hope this could help somebody:
I imported a copy of an old DB on my new site where all cf forms and cc connection where already set, but I still had to install CF and CC on my website because otherwise it wouldn't work properly.
As I installed again both components all menu items that pointed to a CF or CC element where pointing to the wrong component, because joomla assigned a different ID to them. So I had to open each item in the menu, select again the component and then save.
I simply forgot to correct the menu item, so it pointed to right connection but when I tried to edit the list item the link was wrong.
hope this could helps😀
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