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ataylor14 27 Sep, 2014
I would like to modify the calendar that comes with chronoform assigned to datefields so that it does not display data in the past.
Can this be possible?
Thank you
ataylor14 30 Sep, 2014
The link to the FAQ you sent was very useful. In the multiline format do I just place the options on separate lines or do I finish the lines with comma or with ";"?

I tried using two parameters but it does not seem to work.

data-start_date=<?php echo date("d-m-Y"); ?>

If I use either of these options on their own they works but together none works (or has the intended effect).

Related to this when I try to use something like (startdate is a datepicker):

$('startdate').addEvent('change', date_change);

the event does not seem to trigger the function.

Thank you for your help.
GreyHead 30 Sep, 2014
Hi Amelia,

The multi-line format should work just with separate lines - no ; or , required.

This is MooTools script
$('startdate').addEvent('change', date_change);
and may not work on Joomla! 3 unless you have MooTools loaded; the JQuery equivalent is more like this
jQuery(document).ready(function (jQ) {
  function date_change() {
    // some function code here

ataylor14 01 Oct, 2014
Dear Bob
Thank you again. Thank you for your answer re the MooTools code. It goes to show that running both js libraries in Joomla 3 can lead to unexpected results.
Similar scripts I had for events linked to textboxes and dropdowns worked well, but that one for the datepicker did not. When I used the two parameters (as per my question above) - the fact that I used MooTools script lead to the whole thing not working.
I changed all scripts to jQuery and solved both problems as stated above.
Many thanks. I do like programming.🙂
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