Multi Field, Hidden Parents, and Failed ReCaptcha issue

brodach 25 Sep, 2014
The title makes this sound more complicated than it is, but while attempting to work out any potential bugs in a form, I came across something that I just can't quite get the settings correct for.

So here is the breakdown.

I have a Multi Field, in that Multi Field is a dropdown, it starts with an empty selection labeled "- Select -", I have the other options set as 1=No and 2=Yes. In the Multi Field I also have a Textarea Box, and a Text Box. The field starts out with both the Textarea Box and the Text Box with the "Parent Hidden" value. I also have both initially set to required. When you select "No" from the drop down, the Text Box appears as it should and data can be entered. When 1 is selected is "Shows the Parents" of the Text Box, and "Hides the Parent" and "Disables" the Textarea Box. If you select "Yes", then it does the opposite (Hides the Parent of the Text Box and Disables it). (I added the disabled feature because I wasn't sure if just "hiding" the parent would work, since I set both fields to required, but really only 1 needs to be answered, I made 1 field disabled to make sure there wasn't an issue making the person enter both).

All that works just fine and as expected, the problem occurs when an incorrect ReCaptcha is entered. And we all know how difficult they can be sometimes. If the ReCaptcha fails, the form reloads and keeps all the data, the problem is that the Text Box and the Textarea Box go back to being "Parent Hidden", their default state. Because of this, when you hit submit nothing happens. The drop down will still be set to yes, or no, but the Text Box or Textarea Box are hidden -- and I think when I hit submit, because the box is hidden, it is giving an error saying that the Text Box or the Textarea Box is required (but you can't see it say that, because it is hidden). To correct it, I have to switch from No, to Yes, back to No -- or vice-versa. That is overly complicated for a user, and I think a lot of users would not figure it out since it is a minor detail. I could get around this by changing my form, which I may have to do, but I figured I'd see if anyone here has had a similar problem and solved it.

I've tried a number of different "Event" combinations for the drop down, but haven't found one that quite had the right setup.

Hopefully I explained the problem well enough. Does anyone have any tips I could use to solve this?

GreyHead 26 Sep, 2014
Hi Andrew,

I understand the problem - I'm not sure that ChronoForms is clever enough to handle this when republishing the form without a helping hand in the form of some Custom JavaScript. Please take a Form Backup using the icon in the Forms Manager and post it here (as a zipped file) or PM or email it to me and I'll take a closer look.

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