Huge form not saving

kogos 31 Aug, 2014
I made a huge form with sliders and 1699 fields (text boxes most of them, one text area and one submit button)...

I know it's a huge form, so i already made the modifications needed to handle this form (using .htaccess:
php_value max_input_vars 30000)

I'm testing it with xampp, so there is no server restrictions on this. That's why i set input_vars to that high number.
However, when i try to add a new text box (field number: 1700) and hit "save" in BE, i get a blank page... i mean completly blank, i'm not redirected to BE control panel, but redirected to http://localhost/site/administrator/index.php with nothing in it, just a white page, not even the favico is not loaded.

I also tried to manually add the new text box in MySQL, using phpmyadmin. I've done this a lot of times in the past (deleting content, adding new wizardcode, load the form in BE and save to re-create the new content), but again, the form loads in BE and when i hit "save" (or "save and close") i get the same blank page.

I also tried to change php_value max_input_vars to a higher value, with no luck. And finally, i also tried to add a field that already existed in the form (just to eliminate the problem of a strange character in the form breaking the whole form), changing the field numbers of course, with no luck...

Nothing worked so far.... Any suggestion would be highly appreciated....

Thanks in advance.
kogos 31 Aug, 2014
to add to the previous post, Magic Quotes are off (afterall, the form works with 1699 fields)
kogos 31 Aug, 2014
i also inspected the html output and i found nothing weird in it... no strange characters (////) or added junk in it...

I'm out of ideas... i don't know what else to check/change to make this work
kogos 31 Aug, 2014
more info: with error reporting set to maximum under global config, i get no errors, but the same blank.white page as described above
GreyHead 01 Sep, 2014
Hi kogos,

My first comment is that it's best to avoid truly huge forms, break them up into sub-forms instead.

I imagine that you are hitting some kind of server limit, but hard to know what exactly, you've checked all of the things I would look at first.

Is there anything in the server log?

Do you see anything useful if you turn site Debug on?

Is it possible that the form record is breaking some MySQL size limit in the database table? (I don't know if there are nay for TEXT columns).

kogos 03 Sep, 2014
I am trying to break the form into sub-forms... with no luck.

I have a sliders area container with several sliders in it. It's working great when all these are in one form...

I then delete the first slider, create a new form with a sliders area container and the first slider in it, and save..
and then use the "Show form" utility on the main form to show the first slider. It works..

Then i do the same for the second slider, create another sub-form, and use the "Show form" utility again on the main slider to show the second slider on the main form... Forms in not shown on FE... site is working but it's like the form is empty... no error message or anything again.

Is there any limitation on the "Show form" utility? because it seems that it can be used only once...

Is there any guide on how to build a form using subforms and all submit with one button???

Thanks again in advance
kogos 03 Sep, 2014
It was my coding error that was breaking the form when using .show form. more than once. I got it fixed. So, now I can break the huge form to subforms... but how to create a single submit button to send an email with the content of textboxes of all subforms. The auto generated code is not helping... any ideas?
GreyHead 04 Sep, 2014
Hi kogos,

I'm not sure how you have divided your form up. You can use the Data to Session and Session to Data actions to pass data between separate forms; or the Multi-Page action (which is very similar) to pass data between the pages of a multi-page form.

kogos 04 Sep, 2014
The form has 23 sliders with several textboxes in each slider and one submit button that sends an email with the numbers the user entered in the textboxes. What I did to devide the form is this: u created one subform for every slider, then I made one main form with the submit button and I used the .show form. action on the main form 23 times to show all the sliders. I looks great on frontend, but I don't know how to make the submit button collect data from all subforms and send the email.

I'll try session to data, or maybe use custom element for every subform.
Thanks again for the suggestions
Max_admin 05 Sep, 2014
Another way is to make sure that you have made all the changes you need, then copy the form code under the code tab, and use it in a new custom form, that should not cause any issues!

Also, v5 is prepared with some workarounds to tackle this issue, the generated form is cut into pieces before its saved, you can install v5 beside v4, and there is an experimental v4 import option, which may be able to load most of the form fields, make sure you take a form backup before doing any tries though!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
kogos 05 Sep, 2014
Using v5 seems to be a better approach. I'll update and import the form, do any necessary manual coding for v5 and report back... thanks again for the suggestions, couldn't do without your help
GreyHead 05 Sep, 2014
Hi kogos,

Just a quick thought - have you turned off the <form> tags in the included sub-forms. Nested <form> tags are not permitted so you need them all removed except for the 'parent' form. You can turn them off with the Add Form Tags setting in the form General tab.

kogos 15 Sep, 2014
just to report back how i resolved my issue for future reference...

Chronoforms v5 does a fantastic job with really huge forms... Just to test it out, i upgraded to v5 (i needed to do some coding to convert the form to v5 compatible form) and then added a lot more fields... i ended up with almost 2000 fields, and chronoforms was handling it without any problem/error. I guess that the final code generated by chronoforms is indeed cut into pieces to handle that situation...

I then restored by backup (chronoforms v4) to test the custom code solution. I made one separate form per slider, and one "master form" that had all the sliders in it, and one "custom html/php" element in every slider. I then added the code generated for every separate form, taking care that field names are different in every form. I finally altered the code that is sent via email on submit to make it look a bit better,... and that's it... Ii also noticed a little better loading times in FE and a bit less server load when loading the form.
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