Submit doesnt work

admin_wiky 20 Aug, 2014
when I click on submit button, then nothing happend, no action.
in other forms button works, but in one form doesnt.

any idea, where can be a problem?
GreyHead 21 Aug, 2014
Hi homeopat,

At a wild guess - seeing as there is nothing in your post that is useful to diagnose the problem- there's a problem with SEF URLs and the form isn't submitting?

admin_wiky 21 Aug, 2014
Hi bob
I dont understand. When I click on submit button, nothing happend, no page is loaded, no change in form, nothing. I have connection action On submit action.
here is html code of the button:
<div class="form-group gcore-form-row" id="form-row-27"><div class="gcore-input gcore-display-table" id="fin-button35"><input name="button35" id="button35" type="submit" value="Submit" class="form-control A" style="" data-load-state="" /></div>
GreyHead 21 Aug, 2014
Hi homeopat.

The HTML looks good to me.

admin_wiky 21 Aug, 2014
maybe is all form broken and I have to begin from start
GreyHead 22 Aug, 2014
Hi homeopat,

Possibly - but impossible to say from the information here. Please post a link to the form so I can take a quick look.

admin_wiky 25 Aug, 2014
Hi Bob,
funny, I migrate all joomla including CFv5 to newly installed server and button works fine there🙂
pls remove this topic.
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