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notasensata 18 Jul, 2014
Hello, i am trying to find the answer for the following 3 things.
(form can be seen here: )

1) I have a order form in which i would like on submit to redirect user to a recap of what he submited.

2) I have the products as conditional per kind of ad product wished, than a dropdown select with the options, how can i pass this information to a dynamic url that should send for online payment.

3) How do i have a copy of email sent to the user with a recap ?

In advance thanks for your help.

GreyHead 18 Jul, 2014
Hi notasensata,

Please check this FAQ for 1 and this FAQ for 3.

For 2, I don't really understand the question but I think that the ReDirect action will probably do what you need.

notasensata 18 Jul, 2014

Thanks for reply, if i understand good this FAQ:

This would be to have a confirmation page before submit, what i wish is to have a recap after submission, like a confirmation page and a recap of submited info.

Max_admin 21 Jul, 2014
Hi Jorge,

What's a "recap" ? like an info page with what has been sent ? if yes then you can simply use the "Display message" action for that!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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