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adamo 18 Jul, 2014
I am in the process of converting some forms that I have to v5. In v4 I was able to set the "Allow User Registration" to No in the User Manager Configuration and then use a customized Chronoform to create a user account with the specialized values that are required for my site. I was able to set the "Override the Joomla Allow user registration" value and "Activation Link" in the Joomla Registration Action and then set a new event to respond to the email activation email with a "Joomla User Activation" action.

In V5 I am not seeing how to accomplish the same task. I do not see the "Override the Joomla Allow user registration" nor the "Activation Link" properties in the Joomla Registration action. I am also not finding the Joomla User Activation action in the available actions panel. In fact if I set "Allow User Registration" to no in the User Manager Configuration and test the V5 form, I get a 403 error. I have to set the "Allow User Registration" to yes to fix the 403 which is self defeating in my situation.

My question is this; Am I missing something in V5 to accomplish the same task? Should I stick with the V4 form for now? Will this functionality be implemented in V5 at some point in order to disable Joomla registration and activation globally but override those settings, with a V5 form, in order to force users to use the V5 form? Please advise.

Thank you!
GreyHead 18 Jul, 2014
Hi adamo,

You can certainly continue to use CFv4 for the time being. I can't answer about Max's future plans though.

adamo 18 Jul, 2014
I peaked at the code for the joomla_registration action in v5 and found a partial implementation for the override and the activation link but these properties have not been exposed in the UI yet;

'override_allow_user_registration' => 1
'activation_link' => ''

 //set activation link
 if(trim($this->config->get('activation_link', '')) == ''){
   $this->config->set('activation_link', 'index.php?option=com_users&task=registration.activate');

 // If user registration is not allowed, show 403 not authorized.
$usersConfig = JComponentHelper::getParams( 'com_users' );
if($usersConfig->get('allowUserRegistration') == '0' && !$config->get('override_allow_user_registration', 0)){
  JError::raiseError( 403, JText::_( 'Access Forbidden' ));

If I were to guess as to why these properties are not live yet is because the joomla_user_activation action has not yet been implemented in V5. So I guess I have answered my own question and I will have to stick with the V4 form for my registration needs until V5 has that functionality exposed.

Thank you!
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