Show a different form for mobile devices?

supayoshi 11 Jul, 2014
Hi! Since Chronoforms v5 is not responsive or using bootstrap... I want to display a different form for users who browse the website form with a mobile device like a android phone, iphone, tablet and iPad.

So, how would I make chronoforms load a different form when the useragent / browser is a mobile device?
Can I do this? And how?
Tgoodrich 12 Jul, 2014
Hi supayoshi,

I can't give you an answer for using a different form but you can use bootstrap3.

When creating a form the option to use bootstrap3 is in the "General" section under "Form theme".

Hope this helps
GreyHead 12 Jul, 2014
Hi supayoshi,

See Tim's answer first.

In Joomla! You could probably set up a 'dummy' form that just detected the browser then redirected to another form depending on the browser. You could also load different CSS files depending on the browser if that helped.

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