CAPTCHA not displaying

mde1954 09 Jul, 2014
I'm getting rather frustrated with V5 because I can't get CAPTCHA to display. It works fine in V4 and I think I am doing exactly the same thing in V5, i.e.
- 'Load CAPTCHA' at the top of the on-load section
- 'Check CAPTCHA' at the top of the on-submit section with an event loop in 'on-fail'
- 'CAPTCHA' in the form
The only new thing is the box with {captcha_img} next to it and I can't find any documentation to explain what that is for and whether I can just leave it blank.
GreyHead 09 Jul, 2014
Hi mde1954,

It sounds as though the setup is correct. Does it work if you use the View Form link from the Forms Manager and/or the Test Form link from the Form Editor (they just show the form without some of the other site stuff being loaded).

mde1954 10 Jul, 2014
Hi Bob,

I have tried both those ways of looking at it and in neither case does the CAPTCHA box appear. I'm going to abandon v5 for the moment as I'm under pressure from the client, but it would be nice to know why it is not working as I will undoubtedly use the extension again.

Max_admin 12 Jul, 2014
Hi Mike,

if you still have " {captcha_img}" in the form then the "load Captcha" didn't work for some reason, please post a screenshot for the "Setup" section!

You may also try to clear the website cache!

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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