Using CF5 Module on Homepage

saveg 06 Jul, 2014
Im not really sure if this is a bug or not.
I have created a simple (Call me back form) Name, Company name, Tel no, email, captcha.
the form works great when you visit it directly.
but when I publish it as a module on the home page, its not doing anything.
not even showing the debug.
any clue?
GreyHead 06 Jul, 2014
Hi saveg,

Please see the note about Relative URLs in this FAQ.

saveg 06 Jul, 2014
Thx alot, I turned it to (No) and its working, just wondering is this going to work without any problem?
GreyHead 06 Jul, 2014
HI saveg,

It should do, let us know if you find any problems.

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