Advice on creating a form with workflow

bommerts 30 Jun, 2014
I need to create a form for a customer. The form will do the following:

1) User 1 enters data in part 1 of the form
a. User 1 submits
b. It saves all data in part 1 to a database
c. A URL linking to this form and data are generated and presented on the page to copy the URL (something like
d. User 1 then copies the URL and emails it to User 2

2) User 2 loads the same form from the URL in 1.c.
a. Data from part 1 loads into form – those fields are now disabled
b. User 2 completes part 2 of the form
c. User 2 submits
d. All data is saved to the database
e. An email is sent to User 1 that the form is completed, display all the form data in the email

Can this be done with ChronoForms? Do you have any guidance on which form components to load in the "on load" and "on submit" events?

Thank you!
GreyHead 02 Jul, 2014
Hi bommerts,

There is no big problem doing this with ChronoForms, you just need to build a simple example with just one or two inputs and work through step by step.

I would use two separate form both linked to the same database table.

Form A will collect the first input, save it to the database table and automatically email User two with the URL. The URL would link to the second form and include the record_id of the newly saved data.

Form B reads the data from the table, populates the form - showing text, or disabled inputs if you prefer and when submitted updates the same record and emails the first user.

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