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David222 28 Jan, 2014
I am very impressed with Chronoforms but I have a need.
I am a new user and need examples.

I am in the process of creating a online app that the end user can add, edit data in mysql.
So far, Chronoforms seems to be a match for what I need.

I saw a link somewhere telling a use how to connect to a db other than the installed Chronoforms db.
All they gave was the connection string can said that is the code.

Well the question is, where do you put the connection code? and if you connect this way, is this (other) db avialable to the rest of the gui?
What I need to be able to do is move (the data and the forms to other Joomla installs at will. I will also need to move to Hadoop in a few years (I hope).

Can I alter one of the php file within the Chronoforms install?
GreyHead 31 Jan, 2014
Hi David222,

Please see this FAQ. The code is standard Joomla! code so you can use it anywhere in Joomla! that you can add PHP (which is in most places in ChronoForms).

If you ae using Joomla! 3.2 then some of the DB code has changed - in particular $db->query() is deprecated in favor of $db->execute().

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